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Site originally created by: Erik Thorstensen
Development since June 2004: Christian Moe
Background: GRSites.com

To do:

Development software and browsers

Initially put together in MS Frontpage, after the overhaul the site is now at home in free open-source software running under Mac OS X or X Windows. The HTML is mainly hand-coded in Bluefish, though longer word-processing documents have been converted to HTML in OpenOffice.org Write and then tidied up a little bit. The graphics were created with Sodipodi. Since summer 2005, updates have mainly been done in Nvu.

The site is not 'optimized' for any particular browser, though Firefox is the browser mainly used (along with Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer for the Mac). It should look decent on any standards-compliant browser. (If you think the logo doesn't look good in MS Internet Explorer under Windows, you are right. Let's hope MSIE gets transparent PNGs right someday soon; in the meantime, we won't cover up for them.)


A hacker has destroyed all posts on the phpBB discussion board. The board was abolished.

The front page is now valid HTML, though the frameset is not (cannot get Firefox to display it properly without illegal frameborder tags).

The site gets its first complete overhaul. On the visible side, there is a nice new logo and a graphic navigation bar with shiny buttons. The frameset is changed a bit, adding a right-hand frame that so far does no work (except annoying frame-haters). Under the hood, the code has been tidied up considerably, except in the research papers. Also tidied up and changed have been the directory and filename structure, but legacy pages are still there to redirect you.

Site up and running. Erik hands over the keys. In the following weeks, some papers and things are added.

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