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18 January 2007

Religion and Pluralism in Education

Kotor Network Joint research project 2005

We have carried out a joint research project titled "Religion and Pluralism in Education: Comparative Approaches in the Western Balkans". The project deals with the introduction of religious education in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia-Montenegro, and Macedonia. The book is now available online and in print, published by CEIR.

Front cover page

Zorica Kuburić and Christian Moe (eds)
Religion and Pluralism in Education: Comparative Approaches in the Western Balkans.
Novi Sad: CEIR, 2006 (in cooperation with the Kotor Network).
ISBN 86-84111-06-0 (electronic)
ISBN 86-84111-07-9 (print)

Copyright © 2006 by the authors. You may download this book for personal use.

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Other materials


New: The chapters 2–6 (the individual country studies) have been translated into the languages concerned and will be published here.


p. 73, footnote 2, last sentence: “Today, only the schools…” should read: “Today, mainly the schools…”

p. 78, 3rd paragraph: “…as a weekly two-hour elective course…” should read: “as a weekly one- or two-hour elective course…”

p. 101, 7 lines from bottom: The sentence “In the Muslim-majority cantons…” should read: “In the Muslim-majority cantons, it is optional or optional-compulsory.” (cf. p. 78; cantons with compulsory classes changed their laws in 2004).

p. 141, table 6.1: “Gipsies” should read: “Roma”; “Bosnians” should read: “Bosniaks”; “2003 census” should read: “2002 census”.

Other materials

Other materials from this project include a background paper for a workshop on the project at the  April 2005 Kotor Network Conference, and a summary of the workshop conclusions.


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