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23 January 2009

Welcome to the Kotor Network

About the Kotor Network:

The Kotor Network is an international academic exchange in the field of Balkans-based religious studies. Read more…


Vukomanovic lecturing

Milan Vukomanović gave guest lectures in Sarajevo, 8 Feb 2007.

Conferences, guest lectures, research projects, and more…


Vukomanović and Vučinić (eds.), Religious Dialogue, is available on-line. More

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New: Images of the Religious Other

book cover

A new book from the Kotor Network was published at the end of 2008. It deals with representations and perceptions of religious others in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia.
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Kotor Network Conference 2007

The fourth Kotor Network Conference took place in Sarajevo on 25–26 May 2007

See also the reports from our previous conferences in  20062005, and 2004.

Book on Religious Education

Book cover
The results of a Kotor Network joint research project on "Religion and Pluralism in Education." Now also in local translations. More…

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