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23 January 2009

Images of the Religious Other

Book cover

Images of the Religious Other is a new book from the Kotor Network.

Christian Moe (ed.),
Images of the Religious Other: Discourse and Distance in the Western Balkans.
Novi Sad: CEIR, 2008.
240 pp. Includes bibliographies, tables, graphs, index.
ISBN 978-86-84111-10-6

How do religious actors and education systems represent believers of different religions and how does the public view them? This book explores images of religious others in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia. Some contributors map the social distance to religious others. Others analyze the representation of religious others in textbooks, religious publications, and conversations with religious community representatives. These peacetime studies go beyond the search for roots of 1990s armed conflict to broaden our perspective on religious tensions in the region, especially with regard to small and new religious movements.