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24 May 2006

Conference in Sarajevo
19-21 May 2006

“Images of the Religious Other”


Saturday was filled with lectures. (Photo: Ahmet Alibašić)



13:00    Lunch

14:00    Opening

Anne Stensvold (Project manager, U. of Oslo):

Jan Braathu (Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs):
Opening words

15:00    Session I: General perspectives

Milan Vukomanović (Faculty of Philosophy, U. of Belgrade):
“No tickets for Brussels: Religious basis of the anti-European discourse within the Serbian Orthodox Church”

Tonin Gjuraj (U. of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”):

“Are there ‘images of the religious others’ among Albanians belonging to the same ethnic group? The case of Shkodra.”

coffee break

Anne Stensvold (U. of Oslo):

“Heathen, heretic, dissenter or Jew: From a Catholic point of view. ”

Miloš Bešić (Dept. for Political Sciences., Law Faculty, U. of Montenegro):

“Value orientations as a reflection of religious images”

18:00    Logistics

20:00    Dinner


9:00    Session II: Content analysis

Ankica Marinović Bobinac and Dinka Marinović Jerolimov
(Institute of Social Research, Zagreb):

“Images of the religious other in Croatian Catholic textbooks”

Ahmet Alibašić (Faculty of Islamic Studies, U. of Sarajevo):

“The image of the Ottomans in Bosnian history textbooks”

Zlatiborka Popov (Faculty of Philosophy, U. of East Sarajevo ):
“The others in Pravoslavlje

coffee break

Zilka Spahić-Šiljak (IMIC, Sarajevo):
“The image of woman in Bosnian Islamic textbooks”

Goce Velichkovski (Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje):
“The perception of the religious other in Macedonian higher education”

12:30    Lunch

14:00    Session III: The others in context

Zorica Kuburić (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad):
“Images of the religious other in Serbia and Montenegro”

Zoran Matevski (U. of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Skopje) and
Etem Aziri (SEE U. Tetovo):
“Actualization of the religious other in the Macedonian context”

Anne Solberg (U. of Oslo):
“Constellations of self and other among Muslims in Macedonia and Kosovo”

coffee break

Plenary Discussion:
“Towards a joint research project”—Part I

19:00    Dinner


9:00    Session IV: Black/white or blurred

Cecilie Endresen (U. of Oslo):

“Who is the Other? Albanian ulama’s diverging perceptions of Islam’s enemies”

Christian Moe (U. of Oslo):
“Caricatures of the sacred”

coffee break

Plenary Discussion:
“Towards a joint research project”—Part II

12:30    Lunch


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