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24 July 2005

Conference in Kotor
22-24 April 2005

“Religion in Schools: Problems of Pluralism in the Public Sphere”

Group picture

Conference participants in front of Kotor Bay(photo: Alban Duka).

The second Kotor Network Conference, in 2005, brought together 20 researchers from seven countries to exchange experiences with different approaches to religion as a school subject. We agreed to undertake a joint comparative research project on the dynamics of introducing religious education in the region.

The programme of the conference follows below. Papers and presentations are being posted on this website as they are finalised -- watch this page for fresh links.


Friday, 22 April
First session
Organizers Opening/Welcome
Anne Stensvold: “Whose Religion? The Pros and Cons of Religious Education in Public Schools”
Anne Solberg: “The Gülen schools: A Perfect Compromise or Compromising Perfectly?”
Second session
Tatjana Rakar: “State Policies Toward Confessional Schools in Slovenia and Their Development”
Anne Mette Ofstad: "Religious Education in Norway and Bosnia"
Christian Moe: “Religious Human Rights and Religion in Schools”
Saturday, 23 April
First session
Dervisha Hadžić: “Religion in Schools: Different Perceptions in Macedonia”
Ingrid Vik: “Politics and Religion in Schools”
Zorica Kuburić: “Religious Education in the School in Serbia”
Milan Vukomanović: “Religious Education as a Challenge to Religious Freedoms in Serbia”
Second session
Zlatiborka Popov: “Religious education in Republic of Srpska: between Orthodoxy and Religious Pluralism”
Dinka Marinović Jerolimov: “Attitudes to Religious Instruction in Schools in Croatia: Empirical Data”
Ankica Marinović Bobinac: “The Croatian Experience: Catechism and/or Religious Culture”
Third session
Etem Aziri: “Religious Education in Public Schools – From Albanian Ethnic Community Aspect in R. Macedonia”
Zoran Matevski and Dusha Matevska: Religious Education in the Pedagogical System in Republic of Macedonia
Goce Velickovski: “Attitudes of High School Teachers to Introduction of Religious Education in the Republic of Macedonia”
Fourth session
Blendi Dafa: “Problems of Manifesting Religion in Albanian Public Schools: Secular State and Personal Freedom”
Ferit and Valentina Duka: "Towards Religious Education in Albania"
Cecilie Endresen: PDF
Sunday, 24 April
Group Workshop on the international research project


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