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29 December 2004

Conference in Kotor
22-23 March 2004

The network first met on 22-24 March 2004 to hold a seminar on "Religious Pluralism" in beautiful but rainy Kotor, on the coast of Montenegro.


Jan Braathu, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Welcome

Anne Stensvold: Norway's long road towards religious pluralism (introductory paper)

Public sphere session, 22 March

Christian Moe: Meanings of religious pluralism, with particular reference to Bosniak Muslims. (Also: PDF)

Zoran Matevski: Religious tolerance in the Republic of Macedonia: Are the national interests stronger than the ecumenical conscience?

Duska Matevska: Functional similarities between the religious and political

Valentina and Ferit Duka: The historical background of religious tolerance in Albania.

Inter-religious dynamics session, 23 March

Ingrid Vik: Religion, conflict and peace-making.

Milan Vukomanovic: Current challenges of religious pluralism in Serbia. (Also: PDF)

Tonin Guraj: Is religion still important in today's Albanian society and politics? The case of Shkodra as a multireligious city?

Ahmet Alibasic: The place for others in Islam.
(Bosnian-language draft: Mjesto za druge u islamu - also: PDF)

Edlira Haxhimeri: Religion and the social problems in Albanian society.

Multi-ethnic and multi-religious state session, 23 March

Cecilie Endresen: Is Albanianism the religion of the Albanians?

Romeo Guraqui: National identity and religions in Albania.

Etem Aziri: Politics and religion - Experiences based on the conflict in the Republic of Macedonia in 2001.

Milos Besic and Borislav Djukanovic: Religiosity in Montenegro, with special reference to transition as a social process.

Milorad Tomanic: The struggle of the Serbian Church to preserve its flock.

The way forward, 24 March

Opening statement by Jan Braathu.

Roundtable discussion.


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