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14 February 2007


Guest Lecturers

In a series of guest lectures and exchanges between Kotor Network members, Milan Vukomanović (Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade) lectured at CIPS in Sarajevo on 8 February 2007.

Milan Vukomanović lecturing at CIPS in Sarajevo

Milan Vukomanović

Vukomanović spoke at the European regional postgraduate program on Human Rights and Democracy of the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (CIPS), on the topics “Religious Rights and Freedoms: Challenges of Religious Pluralism” and “Religious Education in Serbia: Yet Another ‘Victim’ of the Hague Tribunal?”

A month earlier, on 13 January, Dinka Marinović Jerolimov and Ankica Marinović Bobinac (both of the Institute for Social Research, Zagreb) gave a workshop in Sarajevo on “The Methodology of the Empirical Studies of Religiosity,” hosted by the Center for Advanced Studies. 

Dinka M. Jerolimov (left) and Ankica M. Bobinac (right)

Dinka M. Jerolimov (left) and Ankica M. Bobinac (right)

The workshop discussed possible approaches to measuring religiosity in Bosnia and Hercegovina, a  task that is complicated inter alia by the lack of an official census after 1991. Both hosts and guests evaluated the workshop as successful.

We networked with some very interesting colleagues. We got insight into the obstacles to organizing quantitative and qualitative research in BH,” says Jerolimov, adding that “we also discussed some realistic possibilities.” Pending the right conditions to make a representative sample of the population as a whole, initial studies might focus e. g. on student populations or religious community members.

Religion and gender
Last November, Zilka Spahić-Šiljak, from Sarajevo, visited Belgrade and Novi Sad. At the Sociology of Religion program in Sarajevo, she lectured on “The Biblical-Qur’anic Story of Creation: The Basis of Gender Relations Before and Today.” 

In mid-February, Dr Svenka Savić (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad) will lecture on “Gender in the Texts of Religious Instruction Textbooks” at the Alumni Association of CIPS.

Sarajevo Conference: Image of the Religious Other

For a change, the third Kotor Network conference took place, not in Kotor, but in Sarajevo. We discussed “The Image of the Religious Other,” and developed ideas for a joint research project on that theme.  More…

Religion in Schools Conference

The second Kotor Network Conference was held on 22-24 April 2005. The topic was "Religion in Schools: Problems of Pluralism in the Public Sphere", concretising last year's theme by looking at a contested area of public policy towards religion. A joint research project and book has resulted. More...

First network conference

The network's conference on "Religious Pluralism" in Kotor (Montenegro), 22-24 March 2004, brought together researchers from Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Norway, and Serbia-Montenegro.
Read more

Networking and guest lectures

Building on the 2004 meeting, the Macedonian participants invited the Albanian participants to visit and give guest lectures at Southeast European University (Tetovo) and St. Cyril and Method University (Skopje).

In 2005, Erik Thorstensen from the Dept. of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages in Oslo visited Macedonia for a two-week lecture tour, hosted by Professors Zoran Matevski and Atem Aziri.


We have completed the translation into English of three books on religion nominated by network members, one of which, Religious Dialogue in the Balkans has just been published on-line. Read more

Norwegian Students Meet Balkan Religious Pluralism

Ahmet Alibašić shows students the Gazi Husrev-Beg hanekah in Sarajevo. (Photo: CM)

(2004-10) In September-October 2004, a group of Norwegian students, led by Professor Anne Stensvold, visited Dubrovnik and various places in Bosnia-Hercegovina to study "Religious Pluralism in the Balkans," accompanied by members of the Kotor Network. Milan Vukomanović participated in the whole trip, giving a thorough introduction to Dubrovnik and Trebinje.

In Sarajevo, Ahmet Alibašić gave a tour of important Islamic sites new and old. He then gave an extensive overview of the history and current trends of Islam in Bosnia. The lecture developed into an afternoon seminar at the Faculty for Islamic Studies, with students and other Kotor Network members joining in the discussion.


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